What is Bookkeeper.law?

Our service offers accounting for attorneys, solo law firms or large law firms that need additional support allowing you to focus on core legal work. Our virtual bookkeepers handle routine tasks, saving you time and money.

Virtual Assistant Responsibilities

The scope of task delegation for our VAs goes beyond what is listed below, but the options below should give you a good idea of what they are capable of.

Billing & Collections
Create invoices according to hours worked, fixed charges, or other billing agreements. Oversee accounts receivable, ensure timely payments, and rectify billing inconsistencies.

Financial Reporting
Generate routine financial reports such as P&L statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. Provide financial analysis to support decision-making.

Ensure all the liens are negotiated and disbursement needs to meet the state bar guidelines. Ensure accurate and timely entry of financial data into accounting software.

Account Reconciliation
Compare law firm’s financial records with external documents to ensure figures are correct and in agreement. Stay informed about changes in tax laws, accounting standards, and other relevant regulations.

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Trust Accounting
Manage trust accounts in line with accounting rules. Reconcile trust accounts and maintain accurate trust ledgers. Ensure settlement disbursements comply with state bar guidelines.

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Accounts Payable
Processing vendor invoices, maintaining records and expense reports, negotiating with vendors and reconciliation.


Our Bookkeepers must have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or a related field, 2-3 years of Trust Law accounting experience, and be QuickBooks-trained, and CPA certified.


Our Bookkeepers are thoroughly vetted to guarantee the highest level of reliability. They’re committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your financial data.


Our Bookkeeping VAs are experts in QuickBooks and other accounting software. Trained in the latest practices, they ensure accurate financial record management.


Experience the perks of in-house bookkeepers without the hefty salary. We offer experienced Bookkeeping VAs at a fraction of the cost of traditional employees, without compromising quality.